If this was easy everyone would be doing it!

It’s true. Being an APP is not easy. The pre-requisites alone knock most potential students out of the running. Competition for the training program is fierce. Then the didactic and clinical portions of training are grueling. There is so much to learn! So many tests and quizzes. You’ve got to pass end of rotation exams. Later there are certifying exams and re-exams!

Then, once you’ve been credentialed, you’ve got to keep your skills and clinical insights up to date with CME, journal articles, symposiums… New drugs, new techniques, new treatment modalities. It can be downright overwhelming.

I know. This year I’m celebrating my 25th year as a PA. And I’ve loved every minute of it. We’ll, most minutes. Some? No, most, for sure. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t, at times, challenging. Other times just dreadful.

Some friends and I we’re reminiscing about our vast collective experience and experiences. Wow. Wouldn’t it be nice to share some of this, um, stuff? And, bam!

App Topics was born.

We hope you’ll join us. Our plan is a slow and steady brain dump. We’ve got insights, observations and stories we think can be both entertaining and educational.