The Team

John Valincius, MPAS, PA-C
Creator and Founder; APP Topics, LLC

A former policeman, John left law enforcement over 27 years ago to pursue a second career as a Physician Assistant. The return to the full-time student role at Hahnemann University in Philadelphia was met with the usual financial challenges. For two years, John worked his way through PA school teaching in a school around the corner from the Liberty Bell.

Upon graduation, John successfully passed the Physician Assistant National Certifying Exam (PANCE) with gold star recognition in both primary care and surgery.

During his PA school rotations he was offered several fulltime positions in Emergency Medicine, Family Practice and Surgery. For a time, he enjoyed the best of both worlds and worked in both a Family Practice and a small rural Emergency Department. A great experience, but he wanted more.

John received his Masters in Physician Assistant Studies (MPAS) from the University of Nebraska.

When a position became available in a large suburban hospital emergency and trauma center near Philadelphia, John jumped at the chance to join the ED team. Several interviews later he took the job. As of this writing, he’s been there fulltime for over 24 years. As senior PA, in addition to his clinical responsibilities, he now serves as liaison between 29 PAs and 25 ED physicians and the administration, mentors new staff and leads their orientation and the group’s ongoing clinical scheduling.

Having seen the devastation that came with the opioid epidemic and wanting to do something to help, John pursued additional training in addiction medicine and drug counseling. Every week he tends to the medical needs of clients in an outpatient addictions clinic.

For fun, John travels. As of this writing, he’s visited 34 countries where he has hiked Machu Picchu in Peru, swam with turtles in Hawaii, dove with sharks in Yap, dog sled in Alaska, scuba’ed with manta rays in Palau, drank rum in Cuba and visited most US States. He usually has his next three adventures mapped out at any given moment.

Ron Axsom, CIO

Ron’s computer tinkering began with a Commodore 64 many years ago. On that now ancient machine, he enjoyed programming graphic puzzles and games to entertain his family and friends. His utter fascination with computers grew steadily throughout his early life and eventually developed into his college major and profession.

His college career included studying Computer Science at Immaculata University and, later, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Networking from Strayer University. Since then he’s continued his professional education by amassing countless hours of continuing education and numerous certifications in computer networking and security. Ron takes well deserved pride in keeping current with all things related to Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

A talented musician and artist, Ron enjoys painting, crafting and creating. In the world he’s drawn to all things sparkling and this is reflected in the artwork adorning his home. The music and sounds on the APP Topics website are part of his creative work.

Ron jumped at the chance to be a founding member of the APP Topics, LLC. Within his expanding role he has had the opportunity to draw on all of his skills including programming, writing music, creating graphics and video production. He is dedicated to creating a positive user experience and toils over making sure everything looks and sounds good whether you’re using a desktop or mobile device.

Travel keeps Ron busy during the downtime. He’s been to many countries and has sailed on several cruises. Ron has a seal point Siamese cat “Stewie” – named after one of his favorite shows “Family Guy”.

Elyssa Rosenberg, MS, PA-C
Educational Consultant, Senior Writer

Elyssa grew up in sunny South Florida where she excelled in school and sports through her high school years. With ambitions of ultimately marrying her love of medicine and sports in becoming the team physician for the New York Knicks one day she completed her undergraduate studies at The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. (GO GATORS!) She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sports Sciences. While at UF she did internships both in cardiac rehabilitation and with an orthopedic surgeon in her hometown.

Shed fled the heat and humidity of Florida to a climate that more suited her when it came time for graduate school. Elyssa obtained her Masters of Science in Physician Assistant Studies at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. After completing her very first rotation during her clinical year of PA school, Emergency Medicine in Davenport, Florida, she knew that the emergency department was ultimately the place for her. After successfully completing her studies and passing the PANCE a month after graduation she interviewed for a position in a busy emergency department outside of Philadelphia, PA. Despite the fact that she was a recent graduate, something unheard of at that time for emergency departments, she was hired by that group. That was January of 2007 and she has been working in that busy department ever since.

Currently one of the senior physician assistants in that department, she is one of two physician assistant liaisons, playing an integral role in the inner workings of the physician assistant team as a whole, which consists of twenty nine physician assistants. In addition to this, she works with the emergency physician administration and twenty five physicians in the group with policy, procedure, and ultimately facilitating clinical practices in the department. All of these duties are in addition to working a full complement of clinical hours.

In her spare time, Elyssa enjoys spending time with loved ones, working out, photography, travelling, and relaxing on the couch with her miniature dachshund Norton.