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Not everyone has total recall. Most of us put a lot of time and sweat into our accomplishments. This is especially true of high stakes testing. You know, those pesky credentialing examinations where your ability to get a job and pay your student loans depend entirely on a passing grade.

We want to help. One of the goals of this website is our collective brain dump. We’ve got lots of great stuff planned and much of it is currently under construction.

But your feedback is really important. Admittedly, most of us haven’t been students in a long time. We know the medical topics, but where to focus has been a bit elusive.

What are the medical topics you feel are most likely to trip you up on an exam? On what rotations did you struggle. What social issues did you face on rotations? What makes you most nervous about job interviewing?

Send your questions to:  [email protected]

We’ll do our best to address the issues you share with us!