Don’t Sell Yourself Short!

No, we’re not all in it for the money…

But, we all want that ideal job. For most of us it includes workable hours, reasonable workload, plenty of time off, health and dental benefits, a generous retirement plan and an easy to work with boss. The good news is that your next full-time job will likely come with a suite of benefits that includes all or most of these typical benefits.

Your new job will also come with a paycheck. Perhaps you’ll receive a regular salary, or maybe you’ll get an hourly rate and productivity bonus. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to earn a percentage of the practice over time. Infinite scenarios exist. There are many influences on your potential salary such as the generosity (or not) of your employer, local market forces, years of experience, profitability of the practice and many other factors.

Walking into a new potential employer you should have a good idea of what your value to the practice will be. I can’t emphasize this enough: Don’t sell yourself short. Most APPs generate their salary many times over in billable work product. And the salary profiles for APPs climb year after year. Do your research. Know your local market. Understand and sell your value to your potential employer. Most importantly, don’t sell yourself short. If this employer isn’t going to recognize and reward your value in what you will bring to the practice, move on to the next employer candidate.