When should you have a wound evaluated?

I get asked this very frequently: When should you have a wound evaluated? Everyday minor cuts and scrapes should be cleansed with soap and water. For small wounds and cuts you can usually stop bleeding with direct pressure. Try to use a clean cloth or tissues and apply firm pressure directly to the wound. Hold […]

I always complement babies. Even the ugly ones.

Face it, most little babies look like mutant alien creatures, which can make sharing a complement a bit of a stretch. New parents often come rushing in with the most trivial of observations. And, the newer the parents, the more likely they’re seeing you because they believe their child is critically ill. Breaking the tension […]

Stop arresting drug addicts.

I have the pleasure of working with opiate addicted people in a clinic every week. They come from all walks of life. They got there in ways most of us can’t imagine. If you want to help these people, and therefore, help society you must be open to dealing with the problem differently. Just say […]

I want to see you in the buff.

It’s true. I’m not a creep, it’s for your own good. Presumably you’ve sought out my professional services because of an injury or you’re sick. You make your way to an examination room. A medical assistant has handed you a gown with verbal instructions to put the opening in the back and told you it’s […]

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Advanced Practice Professionals include Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialists. But medical students, Paramedics, Physical Therapists, Nurse Anesthetists and many other allied health professionals can benefit from our unique clinical and non-clinical insights as well. Each short and sweet newsletter contains valuable sample questions, key terms review and much more! We know it’s […]

Cardiology, Congenital Disorders

A quick review of the basics… Congenital heart disease refers to cardiac defects that are often present at birth.  These can include abnormalities of the blood vessels, poorly functioning heart valves or anatomic defects of the heart such as a septal defect. These may be asymptomatic or life-threatening abnormalities.  Some defects can be familial.  They […]